Both the PDF and the MSWord enable us to store, retrieve and read messages. They, however, have some inherent differences which make their applicability rather distinct from each other. For instance, MSWord allows for easy editing while the PDF retains the information intact for long.
It is this fact that calls for the conversion of contents to and from the two formats. Read on in the following discussions to find out how to go about the issue.


Step I: Open the file in Acrobat
• Start off by opening the file you are interested in converting. Go to the Adobe program to be able to do this.
• Simply access your program files, search for Adobe and then double click to open.
• After the Adobe is opened, Press Ctrl+O to open the file of interest.
• A dialog box shall open with all the files stored in the PDF format.
• Scroll up and down repeatedly to locate it.

Step II: Click on the ‘Export PDF’ tool
• In the right pane of the menu, you will notice the ‘Export PDF’ tool.
• Left click it twice to open it.
• This shall open a confirmation window.
• While at here, you will basically be given the leeway to confirm the file you will have already selected.
• If you wish to change the destination format, you may as well do so at this point.
• Conclude this stage by clicking ‘Export to Word’ button which is at the bottom left of this confirmation window.

Step III: Assign a name to the MSWord file
• At this stage, your MS-Word file is now ready for eventual deployment.
• It is now up to you to assign a name to it.
• As a general rule, you should assign a name that is similar to that in the original PDF file. This, of course, is crucial to allow for easy identification.
• Follow this by determining the destination of the file. It is at this destination that your file shall be stored when after the conversion process is complete.

Step IV: Preview the MS-Word Document
• You are now good to go. However, before you set out, you are advised to preview the document.
• This is to let you know just how your final article will mostly appear.
• It is at this stage that you will have to make any further changes if need be.
• If you are satisfied with the contents, click ‘Save’ to effect the changes.
• Your document is now ready for eventual use!

Kindly note that the procedures above may not hold for all kinds of PDF documents. Other factors like your version of Adobe and that of the MS-Word of your preference might alter the procedures. You should hence pay keen attention to the dialog boxes for the avoidance of confusion.
In all though, converting a document from PDF to Word is not too daunting a task. All you need to do is uphold some fair degree of attention and care to be able to do a good job. Best of luck in your next conversion exercise!